Friday, November 1, 2013

Bi-monthly Update

Pay off student loan - 29.4%  (Up .9%)
Roth 2013 - 72.3% (Up 7.5%)
Windows - 9.6% (Up .7%)

I did  a couple of things in the past two months to impact my financial situation.  I bought a new vehicle so I now have a loan on that.  It did not make my financial goal list.  Obviously I intend to pay it off, but I got a superb rate on a 6 year loan (1.9%) so at this point it is at the bottom of my pile in terms of goals.

I also started my master's degree.  I'm taking advantage of my employer's reimbursement but it means I have to raid the money from my savings account, finish out the course, then wait for reimbursement.  So my savings will keep taking a temporary hit but I won't be putting that on the list either.  Other incidentals like books and such will have to be cash flowed.

Other than that, I am slipping behind on my Roth contributions.  I have been rather spendy lately.  I'm working on reeling it in.  If I haven't gotten where I need to by tax refund time, I'll fill it in that way.  But I'm really hoping to use the tax refund for windows since that goal is going nowhere :)  I'm also hoping with more of my free time being committed long term, I have less time to be  We'll see how that pans out.

Next up, vacation.  The second this year.  I enjoy traveling and the opportunity doesn't come up much so I feel compelled to make use of opportunities when they arise.  Thankfully this month is a three paycheck month so hopefully I can skim off of that and cover it swiftly.