Friday, June 29, 2012

Monthly Update

Pay off student loan - 24% (Up .5%)
Roth 2012 - 52.1% (Up 9%)
Pay back savings - share from CSA - 52.7 (Up 16.3%)
Pay back savings - disability insurance - 0%
Tires - 0%

Cat's teeth needs have been covered by some of the third paycheck this month (yay!) but the goal has been replaced by a need for tires by winter.  I'm happy to note that I'm just a hair ahead of goal for Roth 2012.  Making slow and steady progress on the first very short term goal, which is good, because I'm enjoying my second "delivery" from the CSA.  I'm happy to report that it is working as I intended - veggies I would never willingly buy are being forced upon me.  Some things I would never buy that I've found a use for - spinach, radishes, beets.  Then there are some of my favorites like leaf lettuce, eggs, peas, strawberries.  Unfortunately I haven't yet found a use for green onions.  Maybe on the salad?  Hm.  It is a surprise every week so that is fun. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wealth Accumulation

Every once in awhile I like to check my progress.  This relates back to the book, The Millionaire Next Door.  I enjoyed it, check it out if you haven't.  Last I checked you could get a copy dirt cheap on (75 cents plus a few dollars for shipping).

So last time I checked in May 2010, I was at 27%.  Today I'm at 38.9%.  I'm making up ground :)

Oh, and the calculator if you would like to check your stats:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Monthly Update

Pay off student loan - 23.5% (Up 1.1%)
Roth 2012 - 43.1% (Up 9%)
Pay back savings - share from CSA - 36.4 (Up 25.5%)
Pay back savings - disability insurance - 0%
Save for cat's teeth - 0%

Looks like the progress is holding steady.  I think last month I mentioned a new furry animal in my home.  She was since found to have an oral health issue.  The "good" news?  This kitty is taking her sweet time settling in so I have more time to scrounge up money for her.  The bad news is that it is likely very painful for her so the sooner it happens, the sooner her mouth feels better.  The vet asked us to wait a few weeks, possibly up to a few months, to let her settle in.  Even so with the other goals I might not get around to saving so I'll probably come up with it on the  At least it's a three pay check month in June :)  

I've been a little spendy lately.  June won't be much better with a couple of gift occasions in there.  But I figure at least my Roth is being filled for the year.  As long as I don't keep robbing my savings I'll be good.