Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monthly Update

Pay off student loan - 26.8%  (Up .3%)
Roth 2013 - 8.8% (Up 4.4%)
Pay back savings - plumbing - 24.1%  (Up 11.6%)
Windows - 7.9%

Woohoo!  Finally a little bit of progress on my savings and the windows.  Little bit on the Roth too.   My state tax refund came in handy for starting the windows fund.  My federal refund is due in this week.  I was hoping to put all of that toward windows too but I think I'll take some to do a little electrical work and then a little more to get a chest freezer for the basement.  Also vacation plans are shaping up and to be honest I'm a little afraid to see the boarding bill for 3 furballs.  Last time I went on vacation there were only two, one of which stayed with relatives.  So in summary, ta ta for now,  Oh well, sooner or later.

But really, I was looking at the big picture this morning and I'm happy overall with where I'm at.  So if the windows take longer than I wanted them to, not a big deal.  Life's good.

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